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Over the past 3 years of University I was rather puzzled by the idea of blogging and it’s use in learning. However during this module I believe I have learnt far more than what have done during past modules, due to its flexibility and freedom to explore different aspects of learning. Not only did I learn about my topics, but others due to commenting, increasing my learning in different topics for example, education in the prison system. I would have never chosen this as a topic to explore, however reading blogs from about this, and the perspectives and experiences of other students are demonstrated within their creative writing. Due to the modules broad range of research. I chose this module as I really enjoy education and the aspects and theories behind it, but I combined my learning with my interests and learnt a lot from it, and able to generalise what I have learnt into my work and my behaviour when dealing with some of the issues discussed.

From participating in this module, I believe my writing skills have improved drastically during this module. My grades have reflected this, therefore positive effect upon my dissertation but also in my critical analysis and research exploration as before it was very minimal. Now I look forward each to writing commenting and researching into the topics rather than just posting the blog at the very last minute. Also in class presentations made me much m0ore comfortable about my communication abilities, although I am Welsh, and speak English fluently, I find it extremely difficult  to communicate English in front of an audience. Now I feel comfortable and speaking in front of a video camera has also helped me, making me more comfortable under pressure.

Thank you all for a great semester and good luck for the future!



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Over the past module, I have been predominately discussing how physical education affects children in schools and their attitudes towards participation. The reason why I chose this topic was due to my interest in sport, and the role I have in coaching children in tennis, thus, thought it would be perfect to further my learning constructively.


During my first two blogs, I chose two different fields, one addressing why Welsh schools are failing and the interventions they are currently changing in order to strengthen educational practice including the “Every child matters” initiative. My second blog was conducted upon the relation of music and intelligence, finding research by Rauscher (1993) which showed no “Mozart effect”, thus no relation between intelligence and music, with other research also showing the same (Schellenberg, 2004; Norton, 1979) My third blog however “Game playing can develop a positive attitude towards mathematics for children” was a good base to start from. Following research by Akinsola et al (2007) showing how gaming improved mathematic learning in secondary school children, and Bragg’s (2003) qualitative study into emotion and motivation of game playing within the classroom had me thinking, if this happens within games, can the same effect happen in sports?



During week 4, my general topic had been chosen in the field of Physical education in schools. During this blog, I found it difficult finding psychology research into this field with many limited resources available, which was surprising for such a broad topic. However, splitting the topic into sub-topics made literature easier to find and extract.

The first topic was Girls in PE. This topic was appealing as Tennis Wales had only recently set up a plan to address why girls were dropping out of sport at an accelerated rate tin comparison to boys, prompting me to delve further and find answers and possibly solutions for my future teachings. The key points from this were

1. Girls prefer a more social and less competitive atmosphere in the Physical Education classroom

2. Teachers and the curriculum are main contributors to girls not participating in physical education classes with no variation in content

3. There is no nationally set curriculum by the government which is problematic and causes biases and scrutiny in classes

Girls prefer a more sociable physical and fun unstructured activities thus showing with the current teaching regime, violations would occur and consistently cause female’s to drop out of Sport (Sinclair and Luke,1991) this shows why the 5x 60 (Leyshon, 2009) program has been so successful in secondary schools.


Following on from this research, Achivement and Sport was the next area I would delve into. Low motivated students correlated with less participation, less chance of achievement in sport and education and their self perception (Skaalvik, 1997) therefore showing sport’s importance within societies. College student however have a biased self perception of themselves and actual ability causing them to prioritise sports rather than academic learning, due to their expectance of receiving a college scholarship (Fisher, 1996), however additional research was found to disprove this although social economic factors did significantly contribute to achievement (Yiannkis et al, 2001) although the research could only be generalised to the US, due to so much money being invested into sport. Role theory can be administered due to this assumptions in sport, explaining why students engage more in sports rather than academics and vice versa (Adler and Adler, 1991). This is due to stereotyping and causes role engulfment and role abandonment, thus causing students to subsequently disengage from required physical activity or prioritise it instead of a balance between sports and academic work.

This is a video of Stephen Fry’s Only In America which gives you a taste of how huge sport is across the pond

 Following on from the two previous topics, I addressed “The role of the Teacher on PE lessons” as it was a contributing factor for girls’ participation (Sinclair and Luke, 1991) and the academic success of students (Fisher, 1996). Through researching into this, schools were failing to conduct basic physical activity lessons, key for psychological and physical development in children. SPARK (Sallis et al, 1997) was a tool used in order to promote physical activity and improve physical strength, significantly in girls, causing them to fully engage. This research therefore generalises physical activity, into a social, unstructured and friendly environment causing both male and females to reap physical benefits. Competent teaching was another model I delved into which research showed that teachers had no effect on the well-being of a student, but the curricula. The only aspects the students reaped benefits from competent teaching was from motor control and motivational gains (Starc and Strel, 2010) thus stressing the importance of a good PE curricula for our students.




Following researching into topic, surprisingly I think I have uncovered some serious issues which need to be addressed. This includes the curricula implemented by the government, it is not being generalised enough to accommodate enough people, especially girls as figures show confirm (Sinclair and Luke, 1991). Adaptations and interventions therefore must be made as we can see that there are answers (SPARK, Competent teaching) to stop such attitudes occurring. The PE lessons should also be much more female friendly, otherwise if they only experience competition, they will not want to participate (A big problem in tennis). Finally, a sport does have an influence on social, psychological wellbeing and motivation, increasing achievement; although economic status contributes highly to this.
















I must say to conclude, that through researching into my topics, I have learnt a lot more than if I did through a structured curriculum. The fact that I have chosen a topic which no other person has chosen to discuss, and explain this topic to you all through means of a blog has meant I have had a lot of flexibility, but also I have been able to learn topics from the remainder of you which I would never have thought to delve into. Thank you for a wonderful 3 years guys!