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Posted: April 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Over the past 3 years of University I was rather puzzled by the idea of blogging and it’s use in learning. However during this module I believe I have learnt far more than what have done during past modules, due to its flexibility and freedom to explore different aspects of learning. Not only did I learn about my topics, but others due to commenting, increasing my learning in different topics for example, education in the prison system. I would have never chosen this as a topic to explore, however reading blogs from about this, and the perspectives and experiences of other students are demonstrated within their creative writing. Due to the modules broad range of research. I chose this module as I really enjoy education and the aspects and theories behind it, but I combined my learning with my interests and learnt a lot from it, and able to generalise what I have learnt into my work and my behaviour when dealing with some of the issues discussed.

From participating in this module, I believe my writing skills have improved drastically during this module. My grades have reflected this, therefore positive effect upon my dissertation but also in my critical analysis and research exploration as before it was very minimal. Now I look forward each to writing commenting and researching into the topics rather than just posting the blog at the very last minute. Also in class presentations made me much m0ore comfortable about my communication abilities, although I am Welsh, and speak English fluently, I find it extremely difficult  to communicate English in front of an audience. Now I feel comfortable and speaking in front of a video camera has also helped me, making me more comfortable under pressure.

Thank you all for a great semester and good luck for the future!


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